Колонки ВЭЖХ Xterra


XTerra MS, Shield RP, and Phenyl Columns combine the best properties
of silica- and polymeric-bonded phases with patented Hybrid Particle
Technology (HPT), which replaces one out of every three silanol groups
with a methyl group during particle synthesis. HPT overcomes the limitations
of silica-based materials while maintaining its best attributes for mechanical
strength, chemical resistance, and easy scale up from analytical to preparative chromatography.



Характеристики сорбентов

  MS C18, 125 Å Shield RP18, 125 Å MS C8, 125 Å Shield RP8, 125 Å Phenyl, 125 Å
  HPLC: 3.5,5µm HPLC: 3.5,5 µm HPLC: 3.5,5µm, HPLC: 3.5,5µm HPLC: 3.5,5µm
Carbon Load* 15.5% 15% 12% 13.5% 12%
Endcapped Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
USP Class No. L1 L1 L7 L7 L11



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Goals of Sample Preparation

Successful sample preparation for most analytical techniques (HPLC, UPLC, ™LC-MS, UV, GC, etc.)
has a threefold objective. It needs to provide the sample component of interest:
■■  In solution
■■  Free from interfering matrix elements
■■  At a concentration appropriate for detection or measurement

Waters™ Sample Preparation Solutions for quantitative analysis make it easy to deliver a sample that is reproducible with
high recovery and free of interferences. Based on simple, logical workflows that produce clean samples through selective
separations, Waters Sample Preparation Products maximize sensitivity, increase throughput, and enable the development of
robust methods.